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  • Wild sea bass

    Wild sea bass is one of the most esteemed fish by many gourmets. They appreciate the fine and firm flesh. Besides the delicacy of its flesh, the sea bass also has the advantage of having few fish bones.

  • Brill

    The white, firm and fragrant flesh of the brill is highly sought after by gourmets, and is well worth the turbot. Like all flatfish, brill can be grilled, fried, braised, poached in court-bouillon. The ideal is to prepare the brill in the oven. It can be accompanied by various sauces, and its flesh matches perfectly with mashed sorrel.

  • Brandade & Parmentiers

  • Cod

    Cod has few large bones. This fish is called Cod when it is fresh but it is also called "morue" in the dried or salted state. Cod is the most commercialized white fish in Europe. There are also cod farms in Norway. The king of the plate however remains the wild cod. Luximer offers you the best cod you can find !

  • Hake

    Come quick and try this delicious hake. Many recepies are available !

  • Fresh fish parcel

    Discover our special parcel of 8kg of fish, with 4 different fish (2 types of fillets and 2 types of whole fish): It is ideal to share, freeze and especially eat fresh fish when you want !

  • Congre

  • Fresh frogs legs

    Frog legs are a typical French specialty. This white and delicate meat is very famous. The frog legs are also essential on the plates of the greatest chefs.

  • Black Bream

    Black Bream is a typical fish from the Channel coast. Steamed or baked, it is of equivalent quality to sea bass for the eyes of many gourmets.

  • Royal Sea Bream

    La dorade royale est un poisson de couleur grise aux reflets argentés. Elle doit son nom à la bande dorée située entre ses deux yeux et à la tache noire à l'origine d'une ligne latérale très marquée. La dorade royale se nourrit principalement de crustacés et de coquillages qu'elle arrive à broyer grâce à une redoudable machoire.

  • Haddock

    Haddock: a delicious fish easy to prepare and small price that everyone loves: children and adults ! Thanks to the luximer online fish shop have can have fresh fish delivered to your home in 24h !

  • Squid

    Known and consumed for centuries by humans, squid is also called calamar. It has a soft body and has tentacles that are also edible.

  • Fish Fillets

    Sole, salmon, haddock, cod, turbot, skate, pollack, john dory, brill: find all the fresh fish fillets caught by fishermen and landed in Brittany !

  • Pollack

    Pollack is one of the most affordable fish on the market but also one of the most appreciated. Pollack is a lean fish very popular in the kitchen for its fine flesh with a very delicate taste. Highly digestible, it is recommended in diets for its low lipid intake and its richness in vitamins and minerals.

  • Lemon sole

    Lemon sole is a lean fish highly sought after for its nutritional values. Rich in protein and low in fat, it is ideal for replacing meat as part of a balanced diet. Simply fried in the pan, brazed, grilled in the oven or in paupiette, the flat shape of the sole-sole makes it a particularly easy and pleasant fish to prepare.

  • Monkfish

    Monkfish is one of the leanest fish (0.79% fat), at the same level as sole, hake or cod. It therefore has its place in balanced diet menus. It contains many vitamins (especially of group B) and minerals (phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, iron ...). All these properties make it, therefore, a food of choice, as well for its flavor as for its beneficial action on the organism It is easy to cook since it has no bones, only a thick dorsal spine, very easy to remove. However, monkfish reduces during cooking, loosing a lot of water. As a main course, count at least 1 kg for 2 to 3 people.

  • Mackerel

    Mackerels are caught by small Breton boats wish fishing lines or nets. Mackerel is a sensitive product that does not keep well. Eat it or prepare it as you receive the parcel ! You can also freeze the mackerel. Then keep them whole in order to keep the pulpit intact during freezing. Mackerel is a fish considered "fat" and is rich in omega 3, essential for good cardiovascular health !

  • Whiting

    Discover our delicious fresh whiting and enjoy its flavors!

  • Plaice

    Plaice is a delicate fish found on the coasts of Brittany

  • Fish paella

    Looking for an original dish with little preparation ?  

    Luximer offers you a seafood paella, where the fish replaces the traditional chicken and mixes with delicious seafood.

    A paella with many flavors, all you need to do is warm it up and enjoy it.

  • Breaded fish

    Delicious breaded fish, suits children and adults.


  • Skate

    Skate is a cartilaginous fish. It lives in the shallow and sandy bottoms of almost every sea in the world. This fish is part of the family of rajids and there are about thirty species of skate, each with their own characteristics. Some have the distinction of being able to transmit electric shocks and not all species are edible. The curly skate is the most common in trade but the sweet skate is the most sought after species for its taste. 

  • Red Mullet & Gurnard

    The red mullet-barbet belongs to the family of Mullidae. Its scientific name is Mullus surmuletus, not to be confused with its cousin mullet-barbet mud "Mullus barbatus" which is smaller "10-20 cm" and paler colors and less fine in taste. Its average size varies from 15 to 30 centimeters. Its flesh is very fine, firm, whitish. Red mullet has become a noble fish, it is widely used in restaurants for its various taste qualities. Le Rouget au four is a simple and easy-to-prepare dish that is also very popular and renowned for its exquisite flavors !

  • Dogfish

    Dogfish is a coastal species, it is very famous for its tender and rosy fles. It is a boneless fish, which makes it very easy to prepare. Very low in fat and very digestible
  • John Dory

    Like many fish, John Dory is a particularly healthy food, to consume without moderation. It is very well supplied with proteins and poor in Lipids. John Dory can perfectly replace meat as part of a balanced diet.

  • Salted Fish

    Very famous in Portugal and the islands, salted cod fillets will put a little sun on your plates ! "Morue" is actually cod kept in salt. It is a lean fish that has many nutritional values: high in protein and source of omega 3 ...

  • Sardine

  • Red Label Scottish Salmon

    The Scottish salmon dates back to 1992. This is the first fish and the first foreign product to obtain the prestigious Label rouge (Red Label awarded by the French Ministry of Agriculture, which is only awarded to products of superior quality, especially in terms of taste. 

    Salmon is especially rich in Omega 3, which provide interesting properties for our health (development and functioning of the retina, brain and nervous system, protective effect on the cardio-vascular system). Regularly consuming salmon is good and healthy.

  • Tacaud

  • Freshly cooked meals

    It is in Binic in Brittany that are imagined and realized all the recipes. A region renowned for its ingredients and culinary quality that you can find in this selection of fresh dishes.

  • Smoked Salmon

  • Sole

    Our Soles are freshly landed in the ports of Northern Brittany! From the family of common soles, our soles are prepared a few hours before expedition for high quality and freshness !

  • Turbot

    Turbot is a rare fish that is highly sought after by gourmets, who particularly appreciate the firmness, finesse and flavor of its white flesh. Rich in protein and vitamins but also low in fat, this lean fish is ideal for replacing meat as part of a balanced diet.


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Luximer offers freshly caught fish from Brittany and delivered within 24h ! Buy your fish now, from our authentic online fish market.

All products are meticulously selected from the fish auction market on the same day your order is sent. They are then vacuum-packed and sent in auto-cooling parcels in order to guarantee high quality and freshnes...

Luximer offers freshly caught fish from Brittany and delivered within 24h ! Buy your fish now, from our authentic online fish market.

All products are meticulously selected from the fish auction market on the same day your order is sent. They are then vacuum-packed and sent in auto-cooling parcels in order to guarantee high quality and freshness. Rediscover the pleasure of tasting freshly caught fish.