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Skate wing - 400g

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Skate wing from Brittany, ideal to taste skate in black butter !

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Skate is a cartilaginous fish. It lives in the shallow and sandy bottoms of almost all the seas across the globe. This fish is part of the rajid family. There are about thirty species of skate, each possessing its own characteristics. Some have the peculiarity of being able to transmit electric shocks ! Not all species are edible. 


Skate is a particularly lean fish, since it contains only 89 Kcal (372.6 kJ) per 100gr. Fats are present in very small quantities, with only 1 g of lipids per 100 g.


Two skate wings of 400g suits up to 3 people, or even a wing per person for those who are feeling hungry. We recommend to cook the skate in the short broth for 10 min then to remove its flesh from the cartilage and to fry it in butter. You can also cook it in the oven for 15 to 25 minutes, or even fry it in a pan, 5 minutes on each side.

Skate cooked in capers or with black butter are taditional recepies. Why not try them ? Skate is also very good cooked with a butter or hollandaise sauce.

Recipe ideas :
Aile de raie aux poireaux
Raie au curry au micro-onde


Fishing zone : Fished in Atlantic North-East. FAO 27-7 

Fishing method : Trawl or Gill nets or Line

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Skate wing - 400g

Skate wing - 400g

Skate wing from Brittany, ideal to taste skate in black butter !

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