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Haddock fillets - 600g

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Haddock fillet from the coast of Brittany : fresh and delicious ! 

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Part of the same family as the cod, the haddock is a fish commonly found throughout the North Atlantic, from Spitzbergen to Portugal. 

Haddock is low in calories, and it is also suitable for people watching their weight. It is also a good supply of vitamins B1, potassium and sulphur

Perfectly tolerated, even by delicate stomachs, the smoked haddock is very popular with young children, but also people who are sick.

Haddock recipes are very popular! Haddock is usually highly appreciated poached and served with a nice sauce (lemon or saffron). It is also very popular to fry it in batter.


Tasty recepies :

Filets d'églefin au vin blanc

 Paëlla de poisson

Brandade d’églefin par Mélissa

Pain de poisson aux pommes de terre

Fishing zone : Fished in North-East Atlantic. FAO 27-7

Fishing method : Trawl net or Nets, gill or Line



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Haddock fillets - 600g

Haddock fillets - 600g

Haddock fillet from the coast of Brittany : fresh and delicious ! 

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