About us

Established in the heart of Brittany, between the islands of Bréhat and Perros-Guirec. Since 2008, LUXIMER has been selling fresh produce directly from Brittany's fishing industry. Receive your products just 24 hours after landing at the fish auction!

Fresh products directly from Brittany's fisheries

We offer a wide selection of fresh fish and seafood, directly from the Breton fishing industry.

As well as a full range of :

  • sauces 
  • marine preserves
  • edible seaweed
  • wine & champagne
  • gift boxes

Created by seafood professionals keen to offer fresh, high-quality products. LUXIMER responds to growing consumer demand for short-distance sourcing.

At Luximer, we're taking the transparency and traceability of our products' origins a step further with our brand-new "online auction", enabling you to choose your port of landing and the boat used to catch your products!

Meticulous preparation

To ensure quality service and provide our customers with the freshest products possible, we have put in place rigorous and rapid logistics to ensure that the cold chain is respected throughout delivery.

Every morning, the LUXIMER teams select the best products from local fisheries*, directly from Breton fishermen and from various Breton auctions.

The various preparations are then carried out under our supervision, from cooking in seawater to filleting and scaling. We call on the services of experienced fishmongers, who meticulously inspect all the products to be dispatched.

All our products are individually vacuum-packed for shipment. This not only ensures optimum quality and freshness, but also allows our customers to store them as they wish (refrigerated or frozen).

Finally, to guarantee the cold chain all the way to our customers' homes, we use isothermal crates combined with a cold source and express transport for 24-hour delivery anywhere in France**.

* With the exception of shrimps, Scottish salmon and frogs' legs.

** Delivery before 1pm by Chronopost, UPS or France Express depending on destination and delivery day.

From fisherman to consumer

LUXIMER is committed to selling seafood products that are accessible to everyone, both geographically and financially.

We can therefore offer producer prices that can vary from day to day, depending on the price of the catch.

However, we guarantee our customers the prices quoted on the day the order is placed, not on the day of dispatch.

Customer satisfaction, our priority

In a society where the consumer is sometimes forgotten, at LUXIMER we make it a priority! By being constantly available and attentive to our customers, we make them a central part of our strategy.

Whether it's to discuss new products, suggestions or special requirements, our teams are always ready to listen.

LUXIMER is a constantly evolving company that makes it a point of honor to meet its customers' expectations.