Terms of use

Terms of use

Article 1 - Société

This site is the property of LUXIMER

LUXIMER, Terre plein du Port d'Armor, 22410 Saint-Quay-Portrieux Bretagne /

It is hosted by OVH.

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act 78-17 of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access and rectify your personal data.

To exercise this right, please contact us by mail at: contact@luximer.com

Article 2 – Purpose and scope of application.

2.1 Any order for products implies the customer's unreserved acceptance of the present terms and conditions of sale, as well as his full and unreserved adherence to them.

These general terms and conditions of sale prevail over any other customer document, and in particular over any general terms and conditions of purchase, unless expressly agreed otherwise in advance by our company.

2.2 The present general terms and conditions of sale apply to all sales of products by our company, except where a specific agreement has been made in writing between the parties prior to the order.

Consequently, the placing of an order by the customer implies the latter's unreserved acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale, unless special conditions are agreed to in writing by our company.

2.3 All documents other than the present general terms and conditions of sale, and in particular catalogs, prospectuses, advertisements and notices, are for information purposes only and may under no circumstances be considered as having contractual value.

Article 3 – Intellectual and industrial property.

All technical documents provided to our customers remain the exclusive property of our company, which is the sole owner of the intellectual and industrial property rights on these documents. They must be returned to us on first request.

Our customers undertake not to make any use of these documents or their contents which might infringe our company's industrial or intellectual property rights, and undertake not to disclose them to any third party.

Article 4 – Orders

4.1 Définition – Modalités

Par commande, il faut entendre tout ordre d’achat portant sur nos produits figurant sur nos tarifs, et accepté par notre société, accompagné du paiement de l’acompte éventuellement prévu sur le bon de commande.

Notre société n’est liée par les commandes prises par ses représentants ou employés que sous réserve d’une confirmation écrite et signée.

Le client peut passer commande des produits de notre société :

par courrier adressé : Luximer, terre plein du port d'Armor, 22410 St-Quay-Portrieux Bretagne.

par téléphone au :

par courrier électronique : contact@luximer.com

4.2 Protocole :

Chaque client rajoute à souhait dans son panier les produits qu’il souhaitent acheter. Après chaque rajout, le client peut valider son panier ou continuer ses achats. S’il valide son panier, le client enclenchera les étapes de validation de sa commande et de paiement sécurisé. Après validation de son panier, le client pourra alors choisir son mode de livraison et son jour de livraison.

4.3 Bon d’achat ou de réduction

Dans cette même étape le client pourra rentrer son code de bon d’achat ou de réduction qu’il aura reçu. Une date de validité est présente sur le bon. Celui-ci est valable sur la valeur des produits achetés, hors frais d’expédition.

4.4 Le client peut passer commande des produits de notre société :

par courrier adressé : LUXIMER, Terre plein du Port d'Armor, 22410 Saint-Quay-Portrieux Bretagne.

par téléphone au :

par courrier électronique : contact@luximer.com.

Article 5 – Delivery

5.1 Delivery zone: Metropolitan France and Monaco

5.2 Choice of delivery date:Luximer allows the customer to choose the delivery date of his order or a delivery "as soon as possible". In this case, the products ordered will be dispatched the next day if the order is placed before 6 pm. For delivery on the day the order is placed, the order must be placed by telephone before 10.30 a.m. and will depend on product availability.

5.3 The delivery method will be that chosen by the customer: Coliposte 48h or 24h delivery by carrier.The customer must specify all delivery details when placing the order. Certain sensitive products do not allow a choice of delivery method, and will be delivered within 24 hours.The customer undertakes to take delivery of the order on the chosen delivery date.

5.4 Customer's presence at delivery:If the customer is not present when the products are presented, the carrier will leave a delivery notice and/or a collection notice at the post office. Luximer will not be held responsible if the order is not received on the day chosen by the customer. Loss of the package by the carrier will result in a full refund of the order.

5.5 Failure to meet delivery date: In the event of late delivery due to transport, Luximer is considered responsible. Luximer therefore undertakes to reimburse the customer within 30 days for the amount of the order (preparation and shipping costs) if the delay exceeds 24 hours. In the event of a shorter delay, only the shipping costs will be reimbursed.In the latter case, it is imperative to accept the parcel "subject to freshness".This request should be made by e-mail to the customer service department at the address below: services-clients@luximer.com . In the event of refusal of the parcel due to a delay of less than 24 hours, Luximer will not reimburse any goods.

5.6 Missing parcels :

If neither the post office nor the parcel tracking system (www.coliposte.net) indicate any trace of the parcel, the customer must contact luximer.com by e-mail at the above address.The luximer.com Customer Service will then open an inquiry with the Post Office or the carrier. The customer will then receive an e-mail indicating that an investigation has been opened.- If the parcel is found within the time limit respecting the quality of the product, it is then sent to the customer: the reception procedure then follows its normal course (deposit of the parcel or delivery notice, etc. ...).

- If the parcel is declared lost, luximer.com notifies the customer and immediately proceeds with the formalities for reimbursement of the Order corresponding to the lost parcel (products and packaging).

5.7 Delivery conditions : Fresh and sensitive products:

Luximer is the first producers' site to offer live, quality products direct from various productions.

To achieve this, a common logistics system has been set up for all partner producers.

The products are placed at Luximer's disposal in oxygenated seawater tanks before being dispatched.Shipments are made between 3 and 4 pm, and each live product is packed at the last moment.

Luximer also uses isothermal packaging with cold accumulators if necessary to keep products fresh at the required temperatures.5.8 Other products :

Products not requiring isothermal or dedicated packaging can be shipped in, 48h by colissimo.

5.9 Payment :

Orders placed on the luximer.com website can be paid for by credit card or cheque. The credit cards currently accepted are : CB, Visa and Master Card.

For orders placed by fax or telephone, payment must be made by cheque payable to Luximer and sent to the following address: Luximer, zone ostréicole, 22610, Lanmodez. Delivery will only be made once the cheque has been cashed.

Payment by credit card is made via the secure Crédit Agricole e-transaction solution. Your banking information is encrypted and secured by Crédit Agricole.

Article 6 – Contribution to preparation and dispatch costs

All orders are subject to packaging and shipping charges based on the weight of the order.

Three fee schedules are applied depending on the type of delivery: 48-hour delivery, 24-hour weekday delivery and 24-hour Saturday delivery. You will find below the charges applied according to the weight of the order:

Colissimo delivery: Flat rate of €6.90 for mainland France

Chronopost delivery: Flat rate of €13.90 for Metropolitan France excluding Corsica. A €10 surcharge applies for Corsica. An additional €5 is charged for Saturday deliveries.

Chronotemp° delivery: Flat-rate delivery charge of €19.50 for mainland France excluding Corsica for orders under €130 and €9.90 for orders over €130. 39€ for Corsica. Morning delivery between 8am and 1pm.

Chronopost food delivery: Flat rate of €19.50 for mainland France excluding Corsica for orders under €130 and €9.90 for orders over €130. 39€ for Corsica. Morning delivery between 8am and 1pm.

Certain live products deemed sensitive will automatically be dispatched within 24 hours. Therefore, when a product of this type is selected in the customer's basket, the customer cannot choose the delivery method. The entire order will be dispatched in 24h.

Article 7 – Withdrawal period - Return of products following a change of mind

In the case of live or perishable products, any retraction after confirmation of the order is impossible in accordance with the provisions of article L121-20-2 3° of the French Consumer Code.

No sum corresponding to the price of the order placed by the customer or any ancillary costs that may have been invoiced will be reimbursed.

In the case of non-perishable products, you have a cooling-off period of 14 clear days from the day after delivery. The products will then be reimbursed within 14 days. LUXIMER reserves the right to defer reimbursement of products until recovery of the goods or until the consumer has provided proof of shipment of the goods. The date will be that of the first of these events.

Article 8 – Transfer of risk

Luximer bears the risk of transporting the goods. The customer cannot be held responsible for any incident related to transport. Luximer undertakes to deliver products in conformity with the customer's order.

Article 9 – Transfer of ownership

Delivered products remain the property of Luximer until full and effective payment of the price by the customer (effective receipt of payment).

Availability of products and services

In the event of total or partial unavailability of a product or service after the Order has been placed, the customer will be informed by e-mail or telephone of the delivery of a partial order or of the cancellation of the Order. No photographic representation of the site is contractual: only the product name is.

Article 11 – Applicable law :

These terms and conditions of sale are governed by French law.

Article 12 – Offer validity :

These general terms and conditions of sale apply to the purchase of products displayed and offered for sale on the luximer.com website. The prices of the products offered may change from day to day. The customer pays for the product at the price indicated on the day the order is placed and not at the price indicated on the day of shipment. Please note: no photo on the site is contractual.

Article 13 – Mediation:

All users of the Luximer.com website have the right to have recourse, free of charge, to a consumer mediator for the amicable resolution of any dispute with Luximer sarl concerning the execution of the present contract, under the conditions set out in articles L611-1 et seq. and R612-1 et seq. of the French Consumer Code. To this end, he/she may contact the following consumer mediator:

Center de la Médiation de la Consommation de Conciliateurs de justice ( CM2C)

Postal address: 14 rue Saint Jean 75017 Paris

Website: https://cm2c.net/

Telephone number: 06 09 20 48 86

In the event of a complaint by a European consumer who has not found an amicable solution with Luximer's customer service department, the consumer may use the European platform for the settlement of consumer law disputes accessible at the following url address: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show&lng=FR


Annexe 1 – Withdrawal form:

Sarl Luximer Terre plein du port d'armor- 22410 St Quay Portrieux (France)

Telephone number: +33 2 96 22 82 47

E-mail address: contact@luximer.com

I hereby notify you of my withdrawal from the sales contract concerning the following order:

Customer's name :

Customer address

Date :

Customer's signature :


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