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  • Winkles from Brittany

    Winkles are small edible marine gastropods with a brownish sometimes black spiral shell. They are commonly found along the coasts of Brittany, often hagging on rocks where they can be sheltered from sea currents and wind. Winkles are a dish of choice, they are very famous for their tender and succulent flesh.

  • Whelks

    Whelks are carnivorous marine gastropods, they are also called sea snails and can often be found in the British Channel. They are very famous for their deliciousl and healthy meat.

  • Cockle

    The hulls are burrowing shells, found a few cm deep in the sand. The hulls can be eaten raw or cooked. As main course, allow 1,5 kg of cockles per person. As an accompaniment, 300 to 400 g per person will suffice

  • Scallops From Brittany

    Scallops from Brittany are considered to be amongst the most refined and popular dishes you can find. At Luximer, our scallops are directly caught off the island of Bréhat on the north Brittany coast. They spend at least one night in oxygenated pools to purify any residue, such as sand. These are fresh scallops without coral. Available until the end of March.

  • Oysters

    Discover our high quality selection of hollow oysters and flat belon oysters. We also offer a special luxury oyster from St Riom. The oysters come directly from the producer in Brittany to your home. These open sea oysters are distinguished by their nutty taste and their crunchy flesh. 

  • Mussel

    Bréhat mussels are cultivated in wild environment around the famous island of Bréhat. These sea mussels are renoun for their high quality and amzing taste. The harvest begins at the beginning of July and ends in April of the following year.

  • Abalone

    Wild abalone also known as ormer are single shelled sea snails with a large muscular foot. They are very rare and fishing quotas are imposed, only professional divers with a fishing license are allowed to fish for abalone. 

  • Clam

    Clams are a type of mollusk that live in sandy or muddy sea bottoms. They are a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals free of fat. Clams can be eaten raw but also cooked, they are particularly appreciated for their delicious taste. They can also be stuffed with garlic butter, baked or cooked in white wine just like mussels. 
  • Praires

    The praire or hard clam, is  considered to be a high quality and very tasty shellfish, it can be found along the coast of Brittany. The hard clam can be eaten raw with a piece of bread and butter or simply with a few drops of lemon juice or even with some cider vinegar. With its compact and tasty flesh, it is also delicious when stuffed, or baked with a garlic butter.

  • Spisule / Venus blanche

Craving for seafood ? Try out our delicious live & cooked shellfish from Brittany. Scallops, oysters, bullets, periwinkles, abalone, mussels and clams: We select for you freshly caught shells at the best price and deliver them tou you the next day !