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Live Black Winkles - 500g

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As an appetizer, on a seafood dish or even in a salad: these high quality winkles from Brittany will satisfy your taste buds! 

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The winkle (Littorina littorea) is a small edible marine gastropod with a brownish/black spiral shell. It is commonly found along the coasts of Brittany, attached to a rock sheltered from sea currents and wind. The winkle is a very popular choice for its tender and succulent flesh.

Tasty ideas: 

 Lentilles aux bigorneaux à l’indienne

Concours : Dos de cabillaud en brandade et son jus de coquillages par Sylvie

Tartine de bigorneaux beurre aux algues

Grosse sole au plat et bigorneaux 

Rillettes de bulots et de bigorneaux


To prepare winkles, first wash them with cold water. Put them in a saucepan with water covering them over few centimeters. Add sea salt and herbs to flavor the cooking water. When water starts to boil, wait for 5 minutes, then drain.

Tip : Place algae in your cooking water to add a special taste to your winkles

Winkles can be served hot or cold according to your convenience.

Most often, winkles are served as appetizers, on a seafood dish, or with bread and butter. When taken out of the shell, they can be prepared in a sauce, fried with garlic or mixed in a salad. 

Fishing Zone : Fished in atlantic North East FAO27-7 or FAO27-6

Fishing Method : Foot fishing

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