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Oyster knife

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Discover our professional oyster knife, perfect to open fresh oysters and clams from Brittany!

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Ideal to open your oysters safely and easily, like a professional !

As good as a real professional knife, this oyster knife will allow you to position your thumb as close to the tip of the blade to protect you in case of slide of the blade on the oyster. Indeed, the protections that are sometimes found on oyster knives do not allow this positioning of the thumb at the end of the blade, which can be dangerous in case of slipping ... How to open an oyster:

1. Place the oyster in your hand, pointed or hinged, towards you. Knife in hand, (one centimeter from the tip) place it at the level of 2/3 of the length of the oyster

2. Insert the knife into the shell

3. Cut the muscle that keeps glued both sides of the shell

4. Lift the upper shell with the thumb and peel off the flesh from the top of the shell with the knife

5. Remove the upper shell and empty the first water

6. Arrange the oysters on a tray and enjoy them

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