Wooden Oyster Opener

6,58 €

Open your oysters with ease thanks to this wooden oyster opener, it can help you open your oysters easily and safely.

100% French manufacturing

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Oyster claw shoe in natural beech Pradel Jean Dubost USE AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash exclusively 100% made in France

Usage tips :

  1. Place the hoof on the edge of the table thanks to the stop
  2. Place the oyster in the oyster hold, the pointed or hinged part, towards you.
  3. Knife in hand, (one centimeter from the tip) place it at the level of 2/3 of the length of the oyster Insert the knife into the shell
  4. Cut the muscle that keeps glued the two parts of the shell Lift the upper shell with the thumb and peel off the flesh from the top of the shell with the knife
  5. Remove the upper shell and empty the first water
  6. Arrange the oysters on a platter and enjoy them!
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