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Whiting filets - 600g

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Delicious whiting filets ready to be cooked. 

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From the same family as cod, haddock or place, whiting (Merlangius merlangus) is a lean fish. Beige in color, its shiny and elongated body is covered with small scales. This fish feeds on crustaceans and other smaler fish. This fish has very high nutritional values, it is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals but low in fat. Available all year round, it is in autumn that the whiting reveals all its flavors!

Nutritional values (100g)

  • Protein : 19.6 g
  • Lipids :5.6 g
  • Calories : 128 Kcal (535 kJ)*


Whiting has delicate flesh with a fine but subtle taste. It is a highly appreciated fish but quite delicate to cook: cooking it for too long affects the texture of the fish. It is best to cook this fish with its skin.

In the pan or in the oven, grilled, poached or stuffed, the whiting is prepared in many ways. It is also ideal for soups and fish breads.

The sweet and delicate taste of this fish appeals even to children

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Net weight : 600g (2 to 3 filets)

Fishing zone : Fished in atlantic north east. FAO 27-7 

Fishing method : Trawl net or Nets, gill or Line

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