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  • Spider Crab

    Spider crab is very popular with seafood lovers, particularly for its very fine and succulent flesh. In Brittany, it is often more appreciated than crab.   Spider crab is more fragile than crab, it will strugle to survive more than 24 hours outside of water, while crab can survive for several days. That's why we offer our spider crabs already cooked. We cook them with sea water a few hours before delivery, thus guaranteeing the best possible flavors. 

  • Red Breton Shrimp

    Discover the pleasure of tasting freshly caught Breton Red Shrimps, the shrimp will be cooked on the day of the expedition : This shrimp is distinguished by incomparable flavors and a unique texture.

  • Grey Shrimp

    Grey shrimps can be found all along the European coasts in large sandy or slightly muddy areas, the grey shrimp is a small but very popular crustacean (a few centimeters). Our gray shrimps are already cooked using a traditional recipe with sea water that helps sublimate their flavors !

  • Pink Shrimp

    Pink shrimps and crevettes are also know as cooked king prawns. They are small crustaceans that turn pink after being cooked. They are well known for their unique taste and texture ! - Size 60/80 pieces/kg
  • Velvet Swimming Crab

    Come discover the pleasure of tasting a delicious velvet crab, delivered directly to your door from Brittany!

  • Lobster from Brittany

    Lobsters from Brittany are the most sought after type of lobsters by sea food lovers. The quality of its flesh and its unique flavor make it an exceptional dish ! They are amongst the most famous lobsters because they are a prestige product with the guarantee of an exceptional taste, but also 100% natural with low colories (less than 80kcal / 100g - 334 kJ).

  • Royal Lobster

    Rock lobster also know as Royal Lobster is mainly fished in Brittany. It is a delicacy of choice for its tasty meat. The lobster is prepared with its shell, it can be :

    - Grilled: Cut the lobster in half lengthwise and simply grill in oven or on the barbecue.

    - Cooked in court-bouillon: Put the lobster in boiling water and leave it to cook 25 to 35 minutes depending on the size.

    Once cooked, It can then be enjoyed with mayonnaise or prepared Armoricaine style.


  • Scampi From Brittany

    Scampi is a crustacean commonly found on the coast of Brittany. Sold all year round, the best time to enjoy it is from April to October. Our Scampi come mainly from the fishing ports of the south coast of Brittany (Loctudy, Concarneau, Guilvinec, Lorient ....) and are fished from the tip of Brittany in the North West of Brittany.

  • Seafood Platter

    Clams, praires, winkles, prawns, shrimps, whelks, spider crab and crabs : This gourmet seafood platter is a fine selection of the best seasonal seafood delivered to you directly from Brittany, these products have been selected and composed specialy for you !

  • Crab

    Crab from Brittany, also called tourteaux or sleeper in Brittany, is a crab found in rocky areas, it feeds on various shellfish. The use of crab in cooking recipies is quite recent.
    During the last century it was mainly used as bait (for lobster). Fishermen were amongst the first to discover the fabulous taste of crab meat.

  • Canadian Lobster

At Luximer, we offer the best sea food, shellfish and crustaceans delivered to you directly from the coasts of Brittany. Breton lobsters, langoustines, shrimps, crabs, sprider crabs : find your favorite shellfish and seafood on your online fish market with exceptional freshness at best price !