Marinoë, a Breton company specializing in edible seaweed

At Luximer, a team of professionals selects local Breton products to accompany or enhance your seafood dishes. 

Discover the gustatory pleasure of Breton seaweed with our partner Marinoë, a specialist in organic seaweed! Marinoë is a French company based in Plobannalec Lesconil, Brittany, founded by Patrick and Marie-Dominique, who have been producing and harvesting seaweed in Brittany since 1992.

With over 27 years of know-how, Marinoë has succeeded in establishing its own seaweed crops in line with the demanding specifications of the European organic label, guaranteeing food-grade seaweed grown and harvested by hand in areas of healthy French waters, delimited and certified by approved control bodies.

As well as being a seaweed producer in Brittany, thanks in particular to the knowledge it has acquired of Asian culinary traditions, Marinoë also specializes in the processing of this precious raw material, creating original recipes such as seaweed tartars, fine seaweed condiments, culinary aids and certified organic and vegan spicy seaweed chips.

Did you know?

Seaweed contains the very best in its cells. A veritable mine of highly-assimilable minerals and trace elements, they have long been known to the peoples of Asia for their daily contribution to their health.

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