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Monkfish cheeks - 600g

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A noble fish with tasty flesh, monkfish is a very sought-after fish. Monkfish cheeks have a very fine texture and are undoubtedly the best pieces of this fish!

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Monkfish (Lophius piscatorius) or angler fish is usually found on the coast of Brittany. Rather flat, this fish is recognizable by the wide and thorny head. The skin is brownish and without scale. Angler fishes live motionless, buried in the sea bed where they feed on gobies, on squids, on crabs or on dabs.

Monkfish is also one of the thinest fishes (0,79 % of lipids), it is equivalent to the sole, the hake or even the cod. Thus this fish is ideal for diet plans.

Monkfish tail contains numerous vitamins (in particular group B) and minerals (phosphor, magnesium, iodine, iron ...). All these properties make it a food of choice, as well for its flavor as for its postive impact on the body.

Nutritional Values (100g)

  • Calories : 70 kcal - 293kJ
  • Protein : 16,7g
  • Fat : 0,2 g
  • Cholesterol : 44,1 mg


Monkfish cheek is probably the most sought-after piece of monkfish. Boneless, monkfish cheek is very easy to cook and divine to taste!

Fried, marinated cooked in spices, with vegetables or even in cream: monkfish cheek can be cooked in many ways for delicious recipes!

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Saumonette au massalé, curcuma et lait de coco par Corinne

Marmite de lotte au curry vert par Eléonore

Rôti de lotte au jambon de Bayonne et au piment d’Espelette par Annie

Choucroute de la mer par Annie

Navarin de la mer et sauce chablis par Célia 

Joue de Lotte farcie au jambon de pays, sur un lit de pomme et figue


Weight: 600g, generaly 4 monkfish cheeks,  feeds 2 people

Fishing zone : Fished in Atlantic North-East. FAO 27-7 

Fishing Method : Trawl net or Nets, gill or Line

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