• Sea bream spread with ginger - 80g

Sea bream spread with ginger - 80g

Let yourself be tempted by this ginger-spiced sea bream spread!

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The fine, flavoursome flesh is enhanced by a touch of fresh ginger and maniguette (Guinea pepper), which appears on the finish and adds a well-balanced acidic note.

Tasting notes :

Serve chilled between 6 and 12°C, spread on toast , spread on fresh bread and grill for 2 to 3min, accompany with lemon or fleur de sel.

Ingredients : 

Sea bream 50%, cream, ginger 2.5%, Millac salt, seaweed (dulse), Maniguette pepper, thickener: agar-agar (seaweed extract).

Information in bold is for intolerant or allergic persons. May contain traces of fish and lactose.

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