• Kitakata soy sauce ramen insatantanés

Kitakata soy sauce instant ramen

These ramen are distinguished by their clear, fresh aroma and flavor notes, with a delicious soy sauce taste, wonderfully combined with the texture of thick, sticky noodles.

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Kitakata Soy Sauce ramen is one of the 3 types of ramen famous in Japan. The wavy, medium-thin noodles are dried and matured at low temperatures for 48 hours without being fried in oil.


Ramen: wheat flour, water, salt, acidifiers E500(i) - E501(i) - E451(i), antioxidant E339 (ii), emulsifiers E452(i) - E450(iii).

Dehydrated broth : soy sauce (soy, wheat, salt), hydrolyzed soy protein, water, salt, vegetable oil (rapeseed, corn, sesame), flavor enhancers E621 - E635, sugarcane and tapioca alcohol, thickener E466, kombu extract (kombu, sugarcane alcohol), onion, Chinese cabbage extract, seasoning (wheat, salt, dextrin), garlic powder (garlic, soy), ginger flavoring (ginger, salt, potato starch, sweetener E420, vitamin C, sugarcane alcohol), bamboo shoot powder.

Information in bold is for intolerant or allergic persons. May contain traces of soya, sesame and gluten (corn and wheat).

Nutritional values per 100g :

Energy 292 kcal (1237 kJ); fat 2.3g, of which saturated fatty acids 0.27g; carbohydrates 57.9g, of which sugars 2.6g; protein 10g; salt 5.68g.

Net weight: ramen 70g + broth 35g

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