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Crab rillettes - 90g

Discover the typical flavor of crab cake, this characterful crustacean with an authentic taste and texture is one of the Best Sellers in Grand Léjon. A traditional crab rillette recipe to enjoy as a starter or aperitif!

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These gourmet preserves will help you rediscover the authentic and 100% iodized taste of Brittany. These natural rillettes are without coloring, preservatives or chemical additives.


Enjoy these rillettes on toast as an aperitif, or as a starter, accompanied by salad, tomatoes and toasted bread. To fully enjoy the flavor of our rillettes, refrigerate them for a few hours before serving!

Ingredients :

Crème fraîche, crab cake 26% (Irish origin), fish 24%, surimi (water, fish flesh, starches (wheat), rehydrated egg white, rapeseed oil, sugar, salt, flavors (fish, shellfish), gelling agent: carrageenan, coloring: paprika extract), carrots, chives, salt, thickeners: xanthan and guar gum, lactose, milk proteins, garlic and pepper.

Information in bold is intended for people with intolerances or allergies. May contain traces of fish, shellfish, lactose, gluten and egg.

Net weight: 90g

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