• Traveler's Court Bouillon - 500g

Traveler's Court Bouillon - 500g

This court broth can be used in various ways: when cooking meat, for shellfish, but also in the form of a marinade... Let yourself be tempted!

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Used either as a court-bouillon, to cook stews, stews and meat dishes, but also periwinkles and shellfish.

This cook's court-bouillon is concocted by Maison Charteau using the coarse salt that Lionel Charteau harvests from his salt marshes in Guérande.

This court broth also works very well as a marinade for meats (roll the meat in a handful of court broth then leave to marinate for 2 hours, before cooking in the oven or barbecue).

Maison Charteau harvests salt (coarse salt and fleur de sel) in its salt marshes located in Guérande. The harvest takes place each year between April and August.

Coarse salt is harvested manually by rolling the grains of salt in the clay bottom of the carnations. The clay gives it this slightly gray color.

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