• Chapelure Panko de riz
  • Chapelure Panko de riz

Panko rice breadcrumbs

This is the first gluten-free panko on the market. It is made exclusively from Japanese "uruchi" rice, without any food additives or fats.

It is used daily by housewives, but also by cooks, caterers, industrialists...

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This panko reduces total oil absorption by around 40% compared with other wheat-based breadings. It retains its crisp texture even after cooling.

Tasting notes 

Minced meats, white fish, langoustines, oysters, shrimps, fruit...

For breading: 1 scoop rice flour + 1 egg + 1 scoop water.

To bread your vegetarian preparations: 1 measure rice flour + 1 measure potato or corn starch + 2.5 measures water.

Storage : 

Protect from light and humidity.


100% rice.


Nutritional values per 100 g:

Energy 367 kcal (1560 kJ); fat 0.8g, of which saturated fatty acids 0.34g; carbohydrates 83.2g, of which sugars <0.2g; protein 7.6g; salt <0.01g.

Packaging: sachet.

Origin : Saitama, Japan.

Net weight : 200g

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