• Baies roses entières déshydratées

Dehydrated whole pink berries - 40g

Rose berries are very aromatic with a sweet, very fruity, aniseed and peppery flavor. They also have a slightly spicy and bitter taste, resinous and a slight pungency.

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These berries, incorrectly called "pepper", because they belong to the botanical family of Anacardiaceae and not to that of Piperaceae, are also called: Pink pepper, false pink pepper, American pepper, Peruvian pepper, Bourbon pepper, pepper tree from Brazil...etc. Originally from Brazil, their close relative, Schinus Molle, is native to Peru. The main producing countries are Reunion, Madagascar, Mayotte and Guyana. They were introduced to Florida where they now grow wild. It is an elegant and decorative tree, related to the mastic tree and planted along streets all around the Mediterranean.

The appearance of this spice in our cuisine is very recent. It made a strong entrance with the wave of “new cuisine.” You should still know that it is a little indigestible and that consumed in large quantities it is slightly toxic.

Conservation :

Protected from light, heat and humidity.


100% whole dehydrated Schinus Terebinthifolius pink berries.

Origin: Madagascar.

Net weight: 40g

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