• Poivre noir entier MG1 Malabar Garbled 1


MG1 Malabar Garbled 1 whole black pepper is the ancestor of all peppers! Its small black seeds are warm on the palate, with notes of musk, smoke and burnt wood. The nose is extremely refined... sweet, woody and fruity, with ripe notes.

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On the palate, a very woody side develops, with a subtle spiciness. Long persistence.

These peppers are grown and harvested on a plantation in the Western Ghats, in the mountains overlooking the Malabar coast in southwest India.

The vines on these plantations grow on living stakes - areca trees, ylang-ylang, coconut palms - in an environment where nature is king. Broken branches and leaves are left on the ground to conserve moisture and regenerate the soil. There are no chemicals here: fertilizers are natural and pesticides are prohibited. The grains are dried naturally in the sun and then meticulously sorted to keep only the best.

Storage :
Protect from light, heat and humidity.
Ingredients :
100% black pepper MG1 - Malabar Garbled 1.
Botany: Piper nigrum L.
Origin: Kerala, India
Net weight: 80g

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