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Red Chipotle

Smoked red chipotle, a smoked Mexican chili pepper, a spice to flavor your sauces and grills! Its smoky aromas of chocolate, hazelnut and walnut, and rather sweet mouthfeel make it very gourmet.

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Chipotle is actually a Jalapeño pepper that is harvested ripe, then dried and smoked for several days in a smokehouse. Chipotle is produced in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Its unique smoking technique using Pecan wood, the tree that produces the famous pecan nut, dates back to Aztec times. The result is a dark red, almost coffee-brown pepper, with smoky aromas of chocolate, hazelnut and walnut, and rather sweet on the palate, making it very tasty.

Chipotle, also known as ahumado or meco pepper, ranges in spiciness from "moderate" to "strong", between 2,500 and 8,000 units on the Scoville scale.

It is one of the most widely consumed chillies in Mexico, and the most widely consumed in the United States. A true signature of Tex-Mex cuisine, it is used to flavour sauces, culinary preparations and grilled meats with its mild sweet spiciness and inimitable smoky flavour.

Chipotle is sure to be a staple at your next barbecue!


Red jalapeno pepper smoked with pecan wood.


Origin : Mexico.

Net weight : 12g

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