Scampi bisque recipe !

Ah, summer, the sun, the sea... and of course, the delicious langoustine bisque that makes our taste buds tingle!

In this recipe video, we'll reveal all the secrets to creating a creamy, decadent langoustine bisque that will make your taste buds dance with pleasure.

Before we begin this culinary adventure, let's pay tribute to the real star of the evening: the langoustine. Imagine it, all decked out in its exquisite dress, with its antennae winking greedily at you. Yes, it's true, we tend to personalize our ingredients. But after all, when a crustacean is this elegant, why not?

Well, here you are in the kitchen. The langoustine shells are already dancing in the hot pan, the onions are playing their dramatic role, and the garlic is making a grand entrance. And let's not forget the cognac, which adds a touch of drama and elegance. Oh, and don't forget the crucial role of croutons, those crunchy sidekicks who add a touch of magic to every bite.

Bon appétit, and may the flavors be with you!


INGREDIENTS (for 1 person):

- 400g langoustines (whole or carcasses)

- 20 cl Cognac

- 2 onions

- A few sprigs of parsley

- 100g tomato sauce

- 50g tomato paste

- water

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