• Baies entières séchées de Tasmanie

Whole dried Tasmanian berries - 60g

Whole dried Tasmanian berries will flavor your dishes with a sweet, spicy and bitter taste. Indulge !

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The berry is fragrant with notes of myrtle and aromatic plants. The scent of laurel is dominant, there are very pronounced notes of green walnut and a floral scent with camphor notes, evoking certain fragrant geraniums. The taste is mild, the spiciness is not immediate but develops in the mouth accompanied by a bitter touch. It leaves a very fresh and fruity palate. Taste of cloves with fruity notes of black fruits, blueberry and blackcurrant and hints of juniper.

The “pepper” of the Australian Aborigines called “Tasmanian pepper”, “mountain pepper” or “native pepper”. This spice originating from Oceania has no relation to pepper, it belongs to the botanical family Winteraceae. It is mainly harvested in Australia and Tasmania.

Conservation :

Protected from light, heat and humidity.


100% whole dried Tasmannia Lanceolata berries.

Origin: Tasmania

Net weight: 60g

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