Breizh Gwin Roz - rosé Breton wine View larger

Breizh Gwin Roz - rosé Breton wine

6,58 €

(6,58 € / kg)

The BREIZ GWIN Roz is a rosé wine, pressed without vatting with a great lightness and concentrated in aromas givinga fat and round but slightly spicy taste leaving a fresh mouth.

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BREIZH GWIN ROZ is made from Gamay grapes. In order to obtain its light color, it is pressed without vatting, which gives it all its lightness, contributing to its finesse. Bottled after a long stay in winemaking tanks, performed at low temperature, which gives it very concentrated fragrances, light aromas, complex, fat, round, but also slightly spicy leaving a deliciously fresh mouth

Capacity: 750ml

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