Cod whole & gutted - Piece 2.5 kg View larger

Cod whole & gutted - Piece 2.5 kg

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Cod is one of the most consumed fish, but it’s also one of the most appreciated by chefs ... Whole, this fish is very easy to prepare

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Cod (Gadus morhua) is a multicolored fish green/yellow/grey, fished on Brittany’s coast; it feeds on fish, mollusks and crustaceans. It is highly appreciated for its low boned, dense and nourishing flesh. Called cod fish when fresh but also known as “morue” when it is dried or salted. Cod is the most sold white fish in Europe, cod farms can also be found in Norway. The king on our plates, remains however the wild fresh cod. Luximer offers whole scaled gutted cod: ideal for a family meal!


Cod is particularly popular with chefs for its cooking ability and the smooth taste in leaves on the pallet. When cooking at home, there are many ways to prepare it: cod in the oven, cod in papillote, cod curry and the famous cod in leek fondue...

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Nutritional values (100g)

  • Calories : 78,7 kcal (329.5 kJ)
  • Protein : 18,1g
  • Fat: 0,3 g

Net weight before preparation : 2.5kg

Net weight after préparation : 2.2kg

Fishied in North-East Atlantic.

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