Wild Turbot - 3.3kg piece

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Turbot is a prestegious fish, it is one of the finest on the market.

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Turbot is a rare fish yet very sought after by gourmets who particularly appreciate the firm but fine white flesh. Rich in protein and vitamins but also low in fat, this lean fish is ideal for replacing meat in a balanced diet.

Nutritional values (100g)

  • Protein : 16g
  • Glucids  : 0g 
  • Lipids : 6g
  • Calories : 116 kcal (485,5 kJ)

Poached, grilled or braised, many recipes are possible with the turbot. It is particularly good when served with mushrooms, especially truffles but also seafood such as lobster or crayfish. Turbot fillets are ideal for making paupiettes.

 Tasty recipes : 
Dos de turbot et légumes crus
Turbot rôti, petits légumes et mousse palourdes
Filets de turbot poché, vinaigrette TOP 

Fishing zone : Fished in atlantic north east. FAO 27-7 
Fishing method : Trawl net or Nets, gill or Line

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