• Zucchini - 200/ 300g

Zucchini - 200/ 300g

Prince de Bretagne zucchinis are grown under cover or in the open field and harvested by hand.

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How to prepare your zucchini?

Rinse and dry your zucchini. You don't need to peel it to cook it. You can then cut it in half for stuffing, dice it, slice it, grate it... You can also use a vegetable peeler to cut it into tagliatelle.

How to cook zucchini?

Zucchini is easy to prepare and quick to cook! It lends itself to all types of cooking:

Boil: 1 to 2 min.

Microwave: 2 to 4 min.

Steam cooking: 3 to 4 min

Pan-frying: 8 min

Nutritional values :

Energy (kj/kcal) 69.5/17, Fat (g) 0.26, of which saturated fatty acids (g) 0.061, Carbohydrates (g) 1.8, of which sugars (g) 1.79, Dietary fiber (g) 1.05, Protein (g) 1.22, Salt (g) 0.017, Folic acid (B9 in µg), 36 Vitamin C (mg) 17.5

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