Sole - ready to cook - 250g portion

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Delicious sole prepared and ready to be cooked !

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Sole (Solea vulgaris) is a gray-to-green oval fish whose body is surrounded by fins. It is a fish that lives on the sandy bottom.

Our soles are freshly landed and prepared just before expedition, for the best quality and freshness 

Sole is a lean fish, with a low caloric intake: 70 kcal / 100 g (293 kJ). The sole is also rich in excellent quality proteins, on average 18 g / 100 g. Essential to the proper functioning of cells, they guarantee the supply of essential amino acids that the body can not manufacture. In addition, sole is a good source of minerals: phosphorus and calcium, beneficial for the maintenance of bone capital as well as iron.

Good for our body and good for our taste buds, the sole makes it possible to constitute highly flavoured energetic and dietary meals.


Sole can easily be consumed several times a week, with a serving of 160 g per person. The sole is best cooked in the oven, sole meunière or even fried.

Recipe ideas : 

 Sole à la crème

Sole aux poivrons rouges

Filets de sole aux agrumes

Filets de sole accompagnés

Filets de Sole sauce à l’ail

Roulade de filets de sole par Nicole

Cocottes de soles aux langoustines par Mina

Net weight after preparation : 170g-180g

Fishing zone : Fished in atlantic north east. FAO 27-7 

Fishing method : Trawl net or Nets, gill or Line

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