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Dried Shiitake Donko

Shiitake is highly fragrant and richly flavored. Produced exclusively in Japan, gourmet palates will appreciate the difference.

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To rehydrate them, we recommend soaking them in the fridge for 24 hours, in a bowl covered with cling film.

Don't discard the water used for rehydration: strain through a fine sieve to remove impurities, then bring to the boil, skimming carefully. The result is a delicious shiitake dashi that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Important: shiitake must be cooked before serving.

Our perfect accompaniments: shiitake can be added to salads, pan-fried dishes, stews and casseroles (add a few minutes before the end of cooking time), white rice and pasta.

Store away from light and moisture.


100% shiitake

Net weight: 50g

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