• Paimpol Beans - Breton style

Paimpol Beans - Breton style

Let yourself be seduced by this recipe for lentils cooked with candied Breton sausage accompanied by a delicious and tasty tomato sauce. A dish full of flavors with quality ingredients, Breton cassoulet style, just reheat for a few moments and enjoy.

1 to 2 people.

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Lentils can be enjoyed in all sauces, as a starch: you can accompany them with fish and incorporate onions, herbs or even a fresh tomato sauce for example.

Preparation :

Simply reheat the lentils over low heat with their juice then drain.

Ingredients :

Pure pork sausage (30%), Lentils (25%), tomato sauce (tomatoes, onion, garlic, duck fat, salt, pepper, sugar, thyme), smoked bacon. Made in Paimpol.

Ready to use: 1 to 2 parts.

Net weight: 300g

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