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Bidul's of cockles, fresh goat's cheese and co. - 160g

A tasty Breton spread made in an artisanal way that combines land and sea. La Paimpolaise offers here a unique canned recipe, based on cockle meat, goat cheese, mushrooms, onions, seaweed and lemon juice. A delight to enjoy fresh on a slice of bread or toast, as an aperitif or as a starter with a good salad.

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The artisanal, gourmet and Breton spread.

Ingredients: shell meat 45% (molluscs), goat cheese 28% (milk), mushrooms, onions, concentrated lemon juice, seaweed (sea lettuce), white pepper, seaweed extract (agar-agar, carrageenans) .

may contain traces of shellfish, fish and soy.

Net weight: 160g

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