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Cuttlefish, tomato and saffron spread - 80g

You'll find the mantle of cuttlefish, more commonly known as blanc de seiche, on the market. In restaurants, it is often called squid. We cook it with tomato confit, well seasoned, to satisfy those who love a spicy flavour.

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Serving : 

Serve chilled between 6°C and 12°C , spread on toast, spread on fresh bread and grill for 2 to 3 min, accompany with lemon or fleur de sel.

Composition : 

Cream, cuttlefish 30%, pout, tomato 6%, garlic, Millac salt, olive oil, cider brandy, basil, seaweed (dulse, nori, sea lettuce), pepper, chilli, saffron 0.006%, thickener: agar-agar (seaweed extract).

Information in bold is for intolerant or allergic persons. May contain traces of fish, molluscs and lactose.

Net weight: 80g.


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