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  • Le curry sauvage

Timut berries

Timut berries, a fake "grapefruit" pepper from Nepal, a fragrance that's perfect for spicing up all your fish!

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Timut berries resemble peppercorns with intense aromas of grapefruit and dried herbs. This berry doesn't sting or burn as a pepper might, but it does leave a slight tingling or even a subtle anaesthetic effect on the tip of the tongue.

Harvested in the Kathmandu region of Nepal, this "false pepper" is a cousin of the Sichuan berry found in China, or also Japanese and Korean sansho.

Tasting notes:

Its citrus flavours make this "grapefruit pepper" a spice that will enhance your fruit salads, and any cooked or raw fish. A few infused berries will subtly flavor a whipped cream, panna cotta, or cheesecake.


Timut berry.


Origin : Nepal (Kathmandu).

Net weight : 10g

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