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Sumac, a vinegar-olive fragrance to add pep to all your dishes. Freshly ground. A fresh, tangy, fruity spice!

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Sumac is a small berry that is harvested, dried and ground to a coarse powder. It is found in particular around the Mediterranean and in the Middle East, where the spice is very present in cooking. It can be found at the table in place of pepper, or as an accompaniment to thyme in the Lebanese Zaatar blend.

Depending on the terroir, sumac develops aromas reminiscent of lemon or vinegar. Its color ranges from pale pink to intense purplish purple. In fact, it seems that the term Sumac, summaq (سماق) in literary Arabic, comes from Syriac and means "red".

 Sumac's flavors are fresh, tangy and fruity, with a slight astringency. On the nose, its aromas are surprisingly reminiscent of vinegar or lemon.

In our store, we offer Sumac from a Turkish producer. The variety he works with is an intense purple, with a very vinegary nose, sweeter on the palate, with a taste reminiscent of tapenade.

In the kitchen, sumac can easily be used in any dish to which you want to add a touch of tangy pep. It brings its signature flavor to fish, cooked or raw, poultry, salads, or roasted vegetables in a yoghurt sauce. It's even found in some recipes for the Bloody Mary cocktail.


Powdered sumac berries.

Gluten-free, salt-free, additive-free, 100% natural.

Origin : Turkey.

Net weight: 16g

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